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Providing a little encouragement can come in many forms. Write a note, mentor a child, teach someone a skill, put down the gadgets and just be present. A little bit of love goes an awfully long way.
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When someone needs it most, show you care.


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Be the one to show up.

Mental health isn't something you can see. You can't always tell when someone needs some positive encouragement, a friend to be present, help understanding something complicated, or just to be recognized for all they do. That's why it's more important than ever that we show up for each other, even when we can't see that someone may need it. Below are some organizations to help you be there for the people in your life (and even people you've never even met).

Be prepared to be present. Have the tools you need to show up.

We love highlighting organizations and individuals who make it their mission to support mental health initiatives. Because you can't always see when someone needs a pick-me-up, it's really critical to be in the mindset that EVERYONE needs your love, your kindness, your empathy, and your support.
-Recognize someone on social media. It's easy and free.
-Make a calendar of birthdays and anniversaries on the 15th of each month. Writing cards in advance, means all you have to do is drop them in the mail 3-5 days before you want them to arrive.
-Let someone know you miss them with a postcard from your summer vacay. This old school AOK will certainly make someone smile.
-Text a different friend every day to say hello.
-Mentor someone (older or younger) on a subject that will help them improve their job skills.
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