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You have what it takes to help.

Your home or office is likely full of items you may no longer need that someone else would treasure. Here's a little inspiration for how your old stuff can change someone else's life.
SUMMER SPOTLIGHT: dress for success

Donate professional clothes for job hunters.


The number of cities where a Dress for Success chapter operates across the US and abroad


The number of volunteers who support the DFS mission to help women find economic independence


The year DFS began providing women the confidence needed to break the cycle of poverty and succeed in the workforce


The number of women who have been helped to achieve self-sufficiency through the DFS program

Creating a kinder world can begin with even the smallest act of generosity.

Check out the ideas below for how to turn the stuff you no longer need into someone else's lifeline. It really can be that simple.

IDEA: Donate office supplies, furniture, or even office space.

Nonprofit organizations have important work to do and they don't want to be spending even a dime of their hard-earned donations on office furniture, supplies, or even work space. Many companies and individuals donate items that help relieve the burden of having to buy the tools their staff needs to do the work.
Leftover tradeshow items (pens, bags, etc.)
Unsold supplies or equipment (printers, laptops, iPads, etc.)
Old furniture (desks, tables, chairs, filing cabinets, etc.)
Conference room space or un-leased areas within the office
Copy paper, mailing envelopes, file folders
Items of value that could be auctioned off at fundraising events
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Dress for Success

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