protect mother earth

Don't hug a tree. Plant one.

You take care of your home, your family, your friends, so do your part and take care of your planet with little acts of love. Every single one will help you (and the rest of us) breathe easier.
Summer spotlight: one tree planted

Helping everyone play a role in protecting our planet, just by planting a tree.


The number of trees that went in the ground in 2020 alone through OTP and its partners

1.6 Billion

The number of people who rely on forests for their livelihood


The percentage of the world's terrestrial biodiversity who's habitat relies on trees


The number of species expected to become extinct over the next 25 years due to deforestation

Love on Mother Earth a
little today

You don't have to be an activist to play a role in helping to preserve the planet. Here are a handful of organizations that will give you small things to do that will help to keep our oceans clean, our air breathable, and our
wildlife from extinction.

Go green for GOOD.

Being concerned about the future of our planet doesn't have to be a political declaration. In fact, there's nothing political about wanting breathable air, clean water, healthy foods, and happy wildlife. If we all takes small steps to show up for Mother Earth, we can all be part of the solution.
-Walk, don't drive (if it's safe and less than a few miles away)
-See trash on the ground...PICK IT UP
-Download the Healthy Living app for healthy product suggestions
-Buy laundry sheets instead of detergent in a bottle
-Shop local and in-person
impact stories

One Tree Planted

nonprofit spotlight

Nominate a nonprofit to be featured.

Calling all nonprofit leaders & volunteers... We're always featuring different nonprofit organizations doing GOOD work to make communities all across the nation just a little bit better. Nominate an organization you believe in and we may select yours for a monthly spotlight. Just complete the form and we'll take a look at what you're up to.

In a world where you can be anything, be a giraffe.

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