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We're just over here trying to share more GOOD with the world.


The Magazine

In a world where the headlines have become so heavy, our PRINT (yep, you read that right) and digital magazine, THE GIRAFFE EFFECT (formerly titled Do Gooder Digest), features only positive stories, happy news, and good ideas to bring a little more optimism into the world.

Published quarterly, you can subscribe to receive some happy mail that will give you a reprieve from the gadgets and endless notifications. On top of the happy, positive content, our readable art will make your coffee table look pretty sweet too.

If you prefer to read on a screen though, we'll help you with that as well. But we can't do anything for your coffee table.


The Happy Hub

We've built an online community space called GIRAFFE to share nothing but positivity, happy news, charity events, and ideas and inspiration to give more back to this world. We like to call it the happy hub, because happy is all you'll find here. No negativity, no rude comments, nothing but GOOD.

The platform is completely free to join and gives everyone a place to come for nothing but good old fashioned positivity. When you're having a tough day and need a little sunshine, this is the place to find it. Anyone (that's registered) can share positive stories, happy photos, and just about anything good that's happening in the world. It's a meanie free space for only happy stuff.


Special Events

In addition to sharing more good with the world through THE GIRAFFE EFFECT and GIRAFFE, we want to get out in the world and do some good too. We gotta practice what we preach, right? So we've created a ton of really fun events that give just about anyone the opportunity to make our world a little better.

Random Acts of Kindness Day
Giraffe Academy

We'll be growing our reach across the country, but for now our in-person events will be held in Ohio and select cities. If you'd like more information on starting up a Giraffe franchise in your area, let's chat!


WHAT IF your company could build a kinder culture?

The Problem

Workplace and online bullying have become serious problems today. A recent study showed that 96% of people surveyed have experienced it. 72% said it negatively impacted company culture so much they considered leaving their jobs.

The Solution

Fortunately, another study conducted showed us that those treated kindly were 278% more likely to treat others kindly. It helps reinforce the old idea that kindness is contagious and even the simplest kind act can have a lasting impact. So much so, that research shows just one kind act can positively impact more than 100 people.

The Program

Through virtual activities, engaging videos, individual surveys, and group coaching, Kind Kulture reinforces the values that lead to kinder habits, more optimistic thinking, and overall happier and more successful teams.

While your team is working through the program, we'll also be collecting completely anonymous data that will help everyone in your company understand the current environment. This will allow your leadership teams to build new processes to address the culture issues.


The Benefits

It takes time for new habits to become routine. As your teams work through each module of the program, they'll experience the feelings that come from small, kind acts. It's something they'll experience every day, not just once a month, once a quarter, or once a year.

Overtime those small, kind acts become so regular that optimism will grow every day and become a normal part of your company's culture.


Media Sponsorship

There are many opportunities for an organization to participate as a sponsor of GIRAFFE's daily content, contests, kindness planner, compliment cards, and more.

Sponsorship includes recognition on thegiraffeeffect.com, in the print magazine, and across all of our social media channels.



Advertise on thegiraffeeffect.com or in the print magazine.
Your brand will always appear alongside positive content, happy news, and GOOD ideas to make the world better.

With 89% of consumers saying they will switch brands to one
that supports a GOOD cause, considering similar quality and price, it's important for consumers and clients to know your company values positivity and kindness.


Event Sponsorship

GIRAFFE hosts special events that help make the world a just a little bit better. Event sponsorship is typically funded through an organization's marketing, partnership, or advertising dollars, as we are a social enterprise publishing company (not a charitable organization).

Sponsorships are available for events local to Columbus, OH and anywhere we have Affiliate Owners.


Partnership Opportunities

GIRAFFE's print magazine is a unique publication filled with positivity and inspiration to do a little bit of GOOD. Organizations can receive up to 50% off the retail price when purchasing in bulk for their employees, customers, clients, patients, members, or students.

Additionally, our AMBASSADOR program allows organizations to include the magazine in retail stores, as a membership discount, as a fundraising program, and more.



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