random acts of kindness day - february 17, 2022

Commit to Five Acts of Kindness



Companies can get involved in a of couple ways...

1. BE A SPONSOR. We'll give you a shoutout on our social channels, on our website, and in our print magazine. Sponsorships start at just $250.

2. TAKE THE PLEDGE. Ask each of your employees to commit to 5 Acts of Kindness.

3. DO GOOD. On February 17th, complete your 5 Acts of Kindness. The organization that completes the most Acts of Kindness gets a free digital subscription to The Giraffe Effect for each of your employees, as well as a full-page ad in our magazine.


Everyone has the opportunity to get involved in RAOK Day...

1. TAKE THE PLEDGE. Commit to completing at least 5 Acts of Kindness.

2. DOWNLOAD THE RAOK DAY KIT for hundreds of kindness ideas.

3. PRINT THE TAG, YOU'RE IT CARDS and give to each person who receives one of your kind acts to encourage them to keep the good going.

4. DO GOOD. On February 17th, complete your 5 Kind Acts and share a picture of each one on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok using #GiraffeRAOK. We'll award the top five people who complete the most Acts of Kindness with a subscription to The Giraffe Effect and a full basket of Giraffe : Happy Apparel & Goods.


RAOK Day is the perfect opportunity to incorporate kindness into your curriculum...

1. TAKE THE PLEDGE. Ask your students, faculty, and staff to commit to completing at least 5 Acts of Kindness.

2. DOWNLOAD THE KIT. Download the RAOK Day Kit for hundreds of kindness ideas.

3. INCORPORATE THE GOOD ideas into lesson plans or send to parents to teach the importance of kindness at home.

4. DO GOOD. On February 17th, complete your 5 Acts of Kindness and have your school share pictures on your school's social media channels. The school that showcases the most Acts of Kindness will be highlighted on TheGiraffeEffect.com and in our print publication.

WHAT IF your company could build a kinder culture?

The Problem

Workplace and online bullying have become serious problems today. A recent study showed that 96% of people surveyed have experienced it. 72% said it negatively impacted company culture so much they considered leaving their jobs.

The Solution

Fortunately, another study conducted showed us that those treated kindly were 278% more likely to treat others kindly. It helps reinforce the old idea that kindness is contagious and even the simplest kind act can have a lasting impact. So much so, that research shows just one kind act can positively impact more than 100 people.

The Program

Through virtual activities, engaging videos, individual surveys, and group coaching, Kind Kulture reinforces the values that lead to kinder habits, more optimistic thinking, and overall happier and more successful teams.

While your team is working through the program, we'll also be collecting completely anonymous data that will help everyone in your company understand the current environment. This will allow your leadership teams to build new processes to address the culture issues.


The Benefits

It takes time for new habits to become routine. As your teams work through each module of the program, they'll experience the feelings that come from small, kind acts. It's something they'll experience every day, not just once a month, once a quarter, or once a year.

Overtime those small, kind acts become so regular that optimism will grow every day and become a normal part of your company's culture.

commit to five acts of kindness

Take The Pledge

Thank you for taking the pledge to do five acts of kindness on February 17th!

Click here for The Good Human's Guide to Spreading Joy, our guidebook filled with ideas and inspiration to do good.

We'll send a copy to your email as well in the next 24 hours. We truly appreciate your kindness and for doing your part to make our world a little better.

Thank you for being a GIRAFFE!

Have a great day,
Your Giraffe Family
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