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Do what you love, bake a big difference.

Find some ideas and inspiration for ways to do GOOD from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Bake a birthday cake for a child in foster care.


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Doing GOOD never tasted so great.

If you love cooking, baking, or even just whipping up a good old-fashioned batch of summertime lemonade, these organizations allow you the chance to make a big difference just by doing what you love, right in your own kitchen.

Be sweet, bake a big difference.

There's something magical about a homecooked meal and a hand-decorated cupcake. Maybe it's a homage to the days when neighbors brought each other casseroles and freshly baked pies. Whatever it is, there are so many ways to show kindness just by turning on the oven and getting your hands a little flour-y.
-Go old school and whip up an apple pie for the neighbor
-Take a batch of freshly baked cookies to a friend or family member
-Dogs loved fresh treats too. Just make 'em healthy & pup-friendly
-Find a local Ronald McDonald House. See if they accept baked goods for families that have hospitalized kids.
-Have a secret family recipe that someone dies for every time you show up? Spend an afternoon teaching them how to make it.
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