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While we love helping people find worthy, well-run, nonprofits to support, we also love helping people see that doing GOOD starts with just one small act of genuine human kindness.
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Kindness really is contagious.


How much more likely a person is to be happy if they give time or money to others


Compassionate people have 2X more DHEA, which slows down aging and 23% less cortisol, the stress hormone


The number of people impacted by just one single kind act (the one who did it, the one who received it, and the one who witnessed it)


The percentage that a person is more likely to live longer if they volunteer for two different organizations

One GOOD thing, every single day. It's really that easy to be happier and healthier.

These nonprofit organizations are all dedicated to creating a kinder world through individual, small acts of altruism.

Be kind. Every single day.

Science shows that people are healthier, happier, and more successful when they practice everyday kindness. They don't need to do anything extraordinary. They just need to do small things for someone else. Research shows that even months after doing something kind, people show higher levels of optimism.
- Put the phone away and be present in conversations
-Help a co-worker out (without being asked)
-Open doors for people (physically and metaphorically)
-Give genuine compliments (emphasis on genuine)
-Don't read the comments (never - just pretend they don't exist)
-Support a friend's fundraiser (even if it's just $10)
-Smile at people when you pass them on the street
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Random Acts of Kindness Day

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