We want to do all the GOOD, but we can't do it alone. Join us for a JOY RIDE.

A nationwide tour to spread joy.

We're planning a trip 11,000 miles across the USA to spread 50,000 acts of kindness but we need your company to join us.

It's an opportunity to grow your reach, let the world know how much you care, and be a part of something really GOOD.


joy ride local (columbus, OH)

Spread joy across your city.


Starting 7/8, we'll venture out for a joy ride once every week. We can take up to 26 people on the bus. Reserve your spot.

We'll meet at a different local watering hole each week before we hit the road. Once we've completed all the GOOD, we'll come back and celebrate a little.


500 AOK

Our goal is to complete 500 acts of kindness each and every week.

Our team will plan what we call "Curated Acts of Kindness" for you and your tower to execute. You won't know what you're doing when you arrive. But you are sure to never forget the experience.

joy ride trips

Take a trip, do GOOD.

In the process of planning Joy Ride USA, we had so many people say to us "WE WANT TO GO!" And that got us thinking, why not?!?!

So we're currently working on a series of Joy Ride Trips that will be 4 days of having fun while spreading joy through some of our nations most coveted destinations. You gather your group of friends (aka, your tower) and we'll plan the rest.

Get On The Waitlist

tell me more

There's a lot of ways to take a joy ride with us.

To stay in the loop on all things Joy Ride, to ask a specific question, or even request a destination for Joy Ride Trips, just fill out and form and we'll get back to you ASAP.

In a world where you can be anything, be a giraffe.

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