Helping people has always come naturally to me. I feel a strong sense of empathy for those around me which often comes from a place of personal experience. ​ Throughout my life, many times I have felt alone and misunderstood. Different periods had different challenges (being a pregnant teenager, single mom, go through a divorce, have no place to live and many more) I often lack encouragement and support. My life changed because I didn't give up. It suddenly became obvious to me the importance of celebrations to help encourage others to keep going. Not just the standard milestones like birthdays, but the mundane, every day, the extraordinary achievements, the small steps forward that people take. ​ The mission of Celebrating One is to seek out those who have been overlooked, those who have achieved great feats of emotional, physical, spiritual strength. These are the people we celebrate and encourage, and we do so with gestures large and small. I invite you to see those people in your life who need to be lifted up and honored. Send a card, buy a cup of coffee, call just to say hello. Even better, nominate them to be recognized and motivated to keep moving forward by the Celebrating One team so they know they are not alone. ​ I am so grateful for all those who took a moment to celebrate and encourage me when I needed it most. This is what drives me to show others how important it is to give encouragement each day which can change someone life like it did mine.

Jurgita Fumo

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