June 22, 2021


We believe that EVERY DAY provides an opportunity to be kind. Because if you truly want to be happy, the first step is to be kind. So we’ve worked up a list of ten simple ways to make someone smile. We promise each one will make you smile too!

Make Someone Smile

  • COMPLIMENTS, COMPLIMENTS, COMPLIMENTS. How often have you thought something really nice about another person and yet never said it out loud (or in writing)? Why not let those compliments fly? You will make someone’s day and make yourself happy for letting that person in on your positivity.
  • GIVE A WAVE. Have you ever ridden in a Jeep with someone and seen them give a little wave to another Jeep owner as they pass by? It’s like a little club where those lucky enough to drive a Jeep show each other kindness with a simple little “hello” as they drive on by. Maybe we can make the “Jeep Wave” a thing for everyone? OK, I’m not saying you need to wave at every car that drives by (can you imagine??). But perhaps when someone pulls up next to you at a traffic light, give ’em a nod.
  • DAD JOKES. Who doesn’t love a good dad joke? What rock group has four men that don’t sing? …… Mount Rushmore. Hahahaha. See, that’s funny. So next time you’re thinking about someone, text them a dad joke and you’re for sure to lighten their day.
  • REACH OUT. Reach out to a person you haven’t spoken to in a while just to say hi. Not a phone person (me either!), shoot them a text or a post on social media to just say hi. That one simple act is guaranteed to let someone know you care.
  • ASK FOR ADVICE. I know that I certainly don’t have it all figured out, and I’m pretty sure you don’t either. So why not ask someone you respect for advice? You could ask about work, relationships, hobbies, or just life in general. You are likely to get some advice you probably hadn’t thought of, and you’ll absolutely make someone feel good knowing you value their opinion enough to ask for it.
  • RECOMMEND ANOTHER. Have a co-worker you think is doing a great job? Why not tell their boss? You will certainly make their boss happy knowing one of their employees is doing great. It will likely get back to that co-worker at some point, which is sure to make them feel great. AND, you’ll increase your own credibility by showing you aren’t trying to compete with your co-workers and that you’re in it for the right reasons. “What’s gonna work, teeeeeaaaaaam work!” (Any Wonder Pets fans out there?)
  • STOP ARGUING. This is pretty obvious, I know. But when you take a step back and simply say something like “You’re right” or “You’ve definitely given me something to think about” you remove the option for further argument, you allow that person to be heard, and you might actually take the time to genuinely consider their opinion. And they may just do the same in return. Now if we could just get everyone to stop commenting on the internet, we’d be well on our way to a happy world.
  • POST IT. Nope, not online. In fact, get OFFLINE. Immediately. Like right now. Or right after you finish reading this. After your electronics are safely tucked away, grab a stack of Post-It Notes, and start writing. Leave notes like, “You look beautiful today” or “JUST KEEP SWIMMING” or even “You’re doing a freaking great job” on a public restroom mirror, public transportation, inside your mailbox, on the receipt you sign for your server, and really just plain anywhere you think it would cheer someone up.
  • SAY WHAT YOU FEEL. Enough of this idea that holding back is how you build strong relationships. People WANT to be loved. If you love someone, TELL THEM. If you think a friend is smart, or brave, TELL THEM. If you are grateful for all your parent has done for you, TELL THEM. Don’t assume that people know how you feel. They don’t. The only way is to TELL THEM often.
  • DO THE UNEXPECTED. I firmly believe that expectations are the root of all evil. When our expectations aren’t met, we are always disappointed. BUT, what happens when something good unexpectedly happens? You feel GOOD, right? So, get out there are do something (literally anything) unexpected for another person. Drop off groceries, bring someone a pumpkin spice latte, make (or buy) dinner for a friend, rake the neighbors leaves when they leave for work… Just DO SOMETHING GOOD that isn’t expected. Nothing makes us smile more than being met with an unexpected kind act.

At Do Gooder, we want you to read all of the GOOD stories we share. But even more, we want you to get out there and BE THE STORY. We’ll be out on the road in the Spring of 2021 helping you do just that. If you want to get in on the fun, email me. I’ll give you a sneak peek at what we have in store. It’s gonna be epic.

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