June 23, 2021

Larsen Jay's Random Acts Of Flowers

Over the past thirteen years, Random Acts of Flowers has delivered more than 340,000 bouquets of recycled flowers to individuals in hospitals, assisted living, and hospice facilities. The organization has repurposed more than 356,000 vases, all thanks to the more than 161,000 hours put in by dedicated volunteers.

They report that of the recipients of their flower deliveries, 81% say the delivery from RAF was the first bouquet of flowers they had ever received. When you think about how important love and support from friends and family are to the healing process, this number is heartbreaking.

Currently, Random Acts of Flowers mission serves three communities in the US: Indianapolis, Knoxville, and Tampa Bay. They have inspired more than two dozen smaller organizations in communities from coast to coast, all well as the UK.

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