November 5, 2021

Good Human > Perfect Human

Good Human > Perfect Human.

One of my favorite things to say these days is "less perfection, more authenticity."

The world today seems to require everyone to be flawless (in appearance and in character). And that's just not freaking real.

We can't be considered a good human if we've ever looked less than perfect, made imperfect decisions, or just flat out screwed up.

It's caused our world to be this place where everything is filtered. From the photos we share to the compliments we give. We're afraid to be real, because someone might see us as less than perfect. Our friends, our bosses, even perfect strangers now use our imperfections against us.

Enough already. Can we focus on being who we really are? And instead of seeking perfection, can we try to be just a little bit better than we were yesterday? Can we love a little bit more, help a little bit more, forgive a little bit more? Can we work harder to truly understand and accept each other's imperfections?

Because when it comes down to it, I'll take a good human > a perfect human, any day.


A Proud IMperfectionist

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